Sunday, April 17, 2016

Camping at Blackberry Campground on the Alsea River 4/8/2016

Me and Bailey, first day camping!!
Our little motorhome. Thinking about selling it for a travel trailer. It really is
a nice little rig!! Perfect actually. But we are thinking about going to Arizona
for a month at a time and the future and we just couldn't live in this. It is 25'
 from bumper to bumper.
The Alsea River. Usually good for salmon fishing. We missed the big run :(
Husband down there trying out his luck!!!

This is a really nice campground. Very clean and the host and hostess were so
friendly and kind!!
The downside is it is very close to the highway so lots of traffic noise.
Although it does subside in the evening and doesn't really pick up until the middle
of the morning.
We got some new neighbors though the night with two dogs!
Someone lost at Dominos :^)
Bailey is really wanting to go out. She has to
be on her leash at all times or we would lose
her. She isn't the most well behaved pooch.
And she would love to take off chasing the birds.
Great fire, getting some nice hot coals ready for S'mores!
Easting steak by the fire. In the evening the wind picks up and
goes straight for the picnic table, so we put our own up.
So tuckered out!!! It was a busy weekend for little Bailey!

All in all, it was a nice, slow-paced weekend. I enjoyed being away from the phone and work!!!

Take care my friends and Enjoy the Earth!!! Martha

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