Thursday, June 30, 2016

Shadecloth and a deep clean for the Greenhouse=Happy Orchids!!!

One of my beautiful Paph's in bloom. 
I love this one, so cool and elegant! I can't believe that I was able to get it to bloom with the darkness of my greenhouse. The name of this orchid is:
Paph. philippinensis 'Toogoodoo' X Paph. philippinensis 'Bates'

Because of the darkness,
my husband decided it was time to pressure wash the outside.
 Here's the entrance to the greenhouse and yes that is a toilet with flowers in it. Repurposed!!!! Better than going in to the landfill!!!
 My greenhouse, above, before the cleaning. It is a bit dark in there. Kind of gloomy.

And here is the long side. My greenhouse measures 12' X 18', I couldn't find my regular green shadecloth so found this darker stuff and put it up. As you can see, it doesn't really fit well.

Heres what the fiberglass looked like, before on the right and after on the left. WOWZA!! What a difference!!!!
 I searched for my green shadecloth and found it, so sewed it to the top shadecloth which will make putting it up and taking it down much easier. Sewing 18' of shadecloth was not fun!!! But, job done and it should last quite awhile. I sewed two seams to make in more durable.
And here's the after photos. I still cannot believe how bright it is. My orchids are going to love it!!! Hopefully I will be seeing many more blooms out there and healthier root systems. 

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