Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Peach Pie and the very best crust EVER!!!

I made a fresh peach pie on 7/23/16. We had some friends coming
the next day so I wanted to be prepared for them. I used recipes
 I found in my old Betty
Crocker cookbook for both the pie and the crust.
 I learned a long time ago how to make the perfect crust. I follow the recipe until I get the water part, then I add water with a fork until the flour combines to become a ball of dough. I usually use much more water, always cold, than asked for. My dough is not sticky, you've added to much at that point. You don't want to over work it either, stop as soon as it is a ball.

The other trick is to take enough dough in your hand to make your bottom crust. Work the dough in your warm hands forming a disc about 5-6" large. Continue until the dough is nice and soft. The warmth of your hands is melting and softening the shortening which will in turn make it easier to roll out the crust. It also gives you a nice flakey crust.

If you are putting on a top crust, don't roll it out until you are ready for it. Otherwise, it will dry out and break when you roll it and transfer it to the pie.
The recipe from my trusted old book. Almost 40 years old!
Ready for the oven.
And done!!
And some really yummy ice-cream to go on top.
It was a really good pie. Nothing like fresh peach pie for dessert!!! A friend gave us a bunch of peaches off their farm, YUMMMMMMMM!!!

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