Monday, November 7, 2016

Rock Painting

Hi there!! If you know anything about me you know that I am a quilter. But I have been up to some other activities as well.

Last January I started a craft night for some girlfriends. It's something for us to do while our fellas are at their Motorcycle Meeting.

This past Friday night we met and painted rocks. Lots of rocks. It was a ton of fun!!

 We meet at the Lebanon American Legion club in the Auxillary room. They serve food, so some of us get dinner and head in to start crafting!!!

 It truly is a lot of fun to gather together with these women and just enjoy the evening!!!
We've done a lot of different crafts, but this was really a fun night.

There is a group on Facebook called Linn County Rocks which I am now a member of. The idea is to paint a rock, hide it somewhere in Linn County Oregon, when found you either keep it or rehide it, but post a photo first on the Facebook site.

We are now 4000 members in a really short amount of time!! SO FUN!!! For kids and grown ups.

She did such an awesome job of finding that dinosaur in that rock!! LOVE IT!!!
Chloe being silly with her cupcake rock.
Audrey's rocks are Rockin!!
my little ladybug rock

OK, and more of my rocks. Still working on several. Once I am done I will have the grandkids help me hide them around town and in some parks.

A house, in the beginning

All my rocks together, still working on the house

looking better

About done, but now need to paint the back
Still needs the eyes finished here and the wings

Love this color

The back of the house. I am going to put a
little attic window in, then frame all the

So that is it with the rock painting. Still more to do. Once done, I will write information on the back of the rocks about keeping or rehiding and posting on facebook. I also spray it with a matte finish Modge Podge spray to protect and seal the paint. TaDa, done!!!

Take care friends, enjoy the earth, paint a few rocks, take care of each other, pause. enjoy! Martha

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