Monday, April 17, 2017

Pine Needle Basket

Here is a very sweet Pine-needle basket. I just finished it on Saturday. All the needles I used were picked up in Daytona Florida by myself and my cousin Kathy.

They have a winter home there and on our daily walks with their dog Opie, We would pick up the long pine needles that lay in the lawns and flower beds.

I used every single pine-needle that we gathered.

And this is the result of those walks!!!

I learned how to make pine-needle baskets several years ago from a patient of mine. She was around 88 years old when she taught me. Her baskets were so amazing!!! I am so appreciative of the time she took showing me how to do this art.

Here is a series of photos showing the progression. I decided to do a little woodburning of a sand dollar in the center. Reminds me of the coast!!

The pine-needles and rafia

I picked out some beads to add for a sweet touch

If you want to check out how to make these baskets, there are tons of online resources. There is also a place called Prim Pines. You can purchase all your supplies including a book to learn from.

Take care and enjoy the Earth!! Martha

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