Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Joseph Oregon in the Wallowa's-Gods Country

We recently arrived home from an eight day road trip to eastern Oregon and then across the state of Washington.
Our granddaughter has moved to Wallowa County and we went to see her new little home.
While there we had dinner with her very good friends at the The Evans Farm,
All I can say is beautiful home, beautiful country and beautiful family. We ate great food and enjoyed meeting them and seeing their gorgeous land.
They have become innkeepers as they rent out the house and the walled tent for people wanting to visit Joseph and Enterprise.

There's lots to see and do in Wallowa County. Fishing, boating, camping, hiking, quilting, shopping, eating, horseback riding, etc........

We took a drive to Imnaha and ended up behind an actual cattle drive on the road!!! Seriously!!! It was a small drive but it was a true cattle drive. So fun watching the dogs work those cattle!!!

We followed them for several miles until they were at their destination and moved off the road.

And then we were on our way again to Imnaha. Population, not many!!!

This is the post office below.

Notice the kind of vehicles they drive  to the Imnaha tavern/store.!! There's lots of pickups too.

We left Wallowa County via the northern route through the Rattle Snake pass. It was very curvy and very steep at some points but still gorgeous country.

Simply amazing!!

Enjoy the earth, together we can take care of it, we only get one!!!
Later, Martha

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