Saturday, June 3, 2017

Memorial Day Traditions in the USA

Every year my husband and I go to Astoria to clean my family's grave sites and stones. My grand-dad is off in a separate cemetery so we go to his first, which is above.

We actually go on Mother's Day weekend here in the US. That way it is all ready for Memorial Day.
The one below is the before picture, One year later. Then the above is the after picture.

I make new bouquets to put out each year and the caretakers leave them up year round.

 It looks awesome!!!

Below is where my mom and dad, grandma, and three aunts-three uncles are. Well, they really aren't there, but the dust is!!

Above is the before and below is the after. This cemetery has wonderful caretakers who keep our area mowed all the time. They remove the flowers, mow, and put them back in place. So sweet of them. 

Yes, that is me after the work is done. It poured on us while we were there. Good ol' Oregon weather.
Funny that both places have given us a water view. I grew up with a water view of the Columbia River. in Astoria Oregon.Love that place!!!

Below are the views from our Hotel room.

And this was the hospital where my mom worked, St. Mary's. Love this place too.

If you ever get the chance to go visit Astoria Oregon, go. You will not be disappointed!!!!!

Take care my friends
Enjoy the Earth
Take care of each other

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