Saturday, February 9, 2019

Home-made DIY Hair Gel

I made my own hair gel, or slime, from flax seed!!! Seriously. I really did. And it is the best hair gel I've ever used because it leaves my hair, the curls, soft and no residue or flaky stuff!!! My curls are not hard and crunchy.

I found several recipes online but followed Taylor's instructions. You can find her blog if you click on her name.

It was very easy to make and is truly extremely slimy snotty, but so fabulous in my hair.

I have decided to start on the Curly Girl Method for my hair, but not following 100% I have found many curly's and have just been gleaning information from them and seeing what works.

My hair is really fine so some of the curly girl method products just don't work in my hair. And, I need to wash more often as any product, mostly the conditioners, left in weigh my curls down.

So, the goals are Sulfate free and Silicone Free. Also trying to do less chemicals, which is where the DIY hair gel came in.

How I made it.

1/4 cup Flaxseed
2 1/2 cups water
Mix in pot and bring to a gentle boil on medium heat
Boil gently, stirring frequently to prevent seeds from adhering to the sides of the pan

Continue cooking until it is a nice snotty slimy consistency-about 5 minutes

I added 5 drops of Stress Away Essential Oil. My theory is having the effects of Stress Away close to my brain may help me remain calm and peaceful!!!!!!

I put a knee high stocking in a pint jar, poured the mixture in, then carefully squeezed out the slime into another container, leaving the seeds in the sock.

Using a funnel, I poured the new hair gel into a clean shampoo/conditioner bottle.

I missed a few spots in the very back, but I am still learning how to get good coverage. The curls aren't too bad. The goal is frizz free.

Store the newly made hair gel in the fridge. This is because it is essentially chemical free!!! How cool is this???? Finally, help for curly headed people!!!

This is one of the women I follow on Instagram. She has a lot of great advice for curly hair.

Take care friends and enjoy the earth!!!! Martha

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