Monday, April 17, 2017

Pine Needle Basket

Here is a very sweet Pine-needle basket. I just finished it on Saturday. All the needles I used were picked up in Daytona Florida by myself and my cousin Kathy.

They have a winter home there and on our daily walks with their dog Opie, We would pick up the long pine needles that lay in the lawns and flower beds.

I used every single pine-needle that we gathered.

And this is the result of those walks!!!

I learned how to make pine-needle baskets several years ago from a patient of mine. She was around 88 years old when she taught me. Her baskets were so amazing!!! I am so appreciative of the time she took showing me how to do this art.

Here is a series of photos showing the progression. I decided to do a little woodburning of a sand dollar in the center. Reminds me of the coast!!

The pine-needles and rafia

I picked out some beads to add for a sweet touch

If you want to check out how to make these baskets, there are tons of online resources. There is also a place called Prim Pines. You can purchase all your supplies including a book to learn from.

Take care and enjoy the Earth!! Martha

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Painting Rocks- Wolf howling at the Moon and others

I've been having fun painting rocks for "Linn County Rocks" here in Lebanon. I will show you a short photo excursion of our paintings, including the grandchildren!!

So what thousands in the county are doing is painting rocks and hiding them in the open all over the county for others to find to keep or re-hide. So much fun!!! Enjoy the earth and paint a rock!!!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Daytona 500 - 2017

      We, my husband and I, have been enjoying ourselves in Daytona Florida. My cousin and her husband had two extra tickets for the Saturday race and for the Sunday Daytona 500. What a fabulous time we have had!!! Above is my husband waiting for the race to start.  The race was sold out for Sunday, 101,000 plus people there!!! This has been an awesome trip of a lifetime for us.  So thankful to have such a giving and kind cousin who was sweet enough to not only invite us to the races but allow us to stay with them in their home here in Daytona.  Kathy, Bruce, and Opey!!! 😍 Here's to racing!!!! Enjoy the new season-Martha

      Saturday, January 7, 2017

      Santa on a Harley and Mrs Claus on a Buddy Genuine Scooter!!

       Here we are ready to lead the group through town!!! I in my Mrs. Clause outfit and my husband as Santa, aka Mr. Claus.

      And look who was riding behind us!! A bunch of Harley Davidson's!!!!

      My husbands motorcycle group, The Road Maggots, put on a Toy Run every year for children in our community. But this year was a little different with Mrs. Claus participating.
       All decked out, literally!!
       Our friend Dennis needed to ask Santa for some special gifts this year.
      And just look at all the toys our community gathered during the Toy Run!

       We are really quite a pair

      My so totally awesome Genuine Buddy Blackjack Scooter.

      So, a little bit late but from the bottom of our hearts, Merry Christmas to all, and a Very Happy and Safe New Year.