Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Rock Painting for Halloween 2018

These are the rocks I painted for Halloween. I put them outside in our courtyard at work and out front for our patients or passer-bys to find and keep. So much fun and so much fun hearing the ones who found them laugh with joy!!!

Here is our fake tree in the courtyard. I used fake leaves and attached them to plant stakes and there you go, a fall tree!!!

Oh, and check our our masked flamingo!!! So fun to decorate for Halloween!!!!

Take care friends and enjoy the earth. Martha

Monday, September 3, 2018

University of Oregon Duck Football game and new stadium rules

 We are at the duck game, first game of the season!!! GOOOOOOO DUCKSSSSSSSSSSS!!

 This is the crazy duck guy. He swings the opponents mascot in a circle on a rope tied around its neck. He is a little crazy. Every time we score, he twirls the poor stuffed object the total amount of our score. That's my husband in the bottom Left corner.
So there are new bag rules. So I made a little purse to go to the game on the morning of the game so I did not have a lot of time to design.

It came out a little smaller than it needed to be, 6.25" X 6.25" and that is TOO SMALL!!! The new rule is 6.5" X 4.5".  I am going to do another, but I will make sure it finishes in the larger OK'd size but with a 3/4" depth to it. My bag is just way too small. I couldn't even fit my glasses in it.

Here are the rules, and they are the same for Reser Stadium, the Beavers home base.

I am ordering some Beaver fabric, so when I get the pattern all worked out, I can give some away!!! I still have plenty of Duck fabric.

It should be a fun football season!!!! Take care and enjoy the earth!!! martha

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Re-Purposed Toilet

Yep, a toilet in the garden. I didn't want it in the landfill so I filled the toilet bowl and the tank with soil and planted it. I think it looks awesome. The old boot is from a friend who gave it to us when he got a new pair. He is now passed on so it's nice having a little part of him here.

This planting looks a little eclectic, but that is what I love about it!!

Take care and enjoy the earth my friends!!!

Martha :-)

Friday, July 6, 2018

Bottle Cap Flowers

I saw these on Pinterest but could not find out how to make them, so I just had to make it up on my own.

Super simple to do. Saving the bottle caps takes the longest unless you have a friend who works in a tavern/bar. Kathy at the Lebanon Moose Lodge saved bottle caps for me and I now have three bags full. Plenty for lots and lots of flowers.

So you need these plier things, not the needle nose type, a wider tip makes it easier. I used a wide mouth canning lid, and plenty of bottle caps.

You want to fold the bottle caps in half using the pliers. Mine bent in half best when I had them positioned as above, and NOT with the top on the counter. Just open the pliers wide and slowly squeeze handle to bend in half.

And this E6000 glue is perfect

You are just going to put plenty of glue in the center the width of the bottle cap. Then I put two generous dots of glue to hold the bottle caps to the lid.

Once the caps are glued down and completely dry, I glued a 24" plant stake to the back. Let it dry completely before putting in the garden.

These were fun to make, super quick and easy. If you have questions leave me a message.

Take care and Enjoy this beautiful earth!!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Astoria Oregon

 Every year my husband and I go to Astoria Oregon to clean the family graves at two cemeteries and replace the flowers and flags.
This is my grandpa's grave, he is by himself at Oceanview in a veterans area.

 We decided to stay for two nights so I was able to go to Mass at my old church. The last time I was there was when my mom died and we were at her funeral. 7 years and 2 months ago on the day I was at church!! This is St. Mary's Star of the Sea. It is a sweet church.

Here is the softball field where we played!! You can also see the church, the rectory and our school!!

We stayed at Astoria Riverwalk Inn. It used to be a Red Lion and was closed for many years. The prices aren't bad there and they have a nice breakfast. And the view is cool!!! As you can see.

The view from our room. Sweet!!

Here they are, all cleaned and scrubbed and new flowers for Memorial Day.

View from our porch in the old house.
 The other thing we do is go check out the old house. Saddens me to the bones. I wish they would move in and live there. Right now there is a bit of remodeling going on, but it looks as though no one has stepped foot in it for a year now. Ladder and tools are still in the same place.

I am thinking the house is haunted, and I know by who.

I loved this neighborhood. Great place to grow up.

Mom and Dad loved those Rhodies.
This is the bottom of 17th street. Our house is at the top on the left.

Lots of ships out there!! They have a Mo's now and the food is good.

That is it for now. Hope you enjoyed the tour. Astoria is a great place to visit for sure!!!


Monday, April 23, 2018

Volkswagon Bus painted rock

I painted this bus for my youngest son who has a red VW bus and a VW bug!!! I had seen this little roadway painted rock on Pinterest so painted one just like it. But it was missing something!!! Now it is complete!!!!


Get out there and enjoy this great earth my friends and paint a rock!!!!


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Orchids and Children in the greenhouse!!!

 The grandchildren and I planted a bunch of flower seeds on Monday of this week. We are very excited to see what ends up growing for us!!!

And just look at all those orchids in bloom!!! WOWZA!!! I am so thrilled to see so many at one time.

I took several plants to work so our patients can also enjoy them!!!

Have a lovely week
and enjoy this beautiful earth we live on