Monday, November 20, 2017

Accommodations on the Oregon Coast-WildSpring Guest Habitat

For my birthday this year we drove down the Oregon coast to Port Orford and found an amazing place to stay the night. Several nights would have been perfect, maybe next time we will plan better.

WildSpring Guest Habitat is a beautiful little treasure on the Oregon Coast. We really were not expecting such an amazing place and tranquil experience.

This is the cabin we stayed in for the night. So sweet and relaxing. The following photos are of the inside of our cabin and the views out the windows.

They have a total of five cabins to choose from, so there won't be a crowd to deal with while staying.

They also have a communal guest house where you can go sit, play games, pick out some movies to watch in your cabin, and eat breakfast. Yes, they provide a wonderful selection for you, quiche, hard boiled eggs, rolls, muffins, fresh fruit, oatmeal. It was sooooo good!!!

The view from inside the guest house.

Breakfast time

Lots of movies to choose from
And lets not forget the hot tub/spa. It was perfect. We got it in at night. Another couple were there too and we all have a lovely conversation while we relaxed. So fun!!!

Here are some photos of the spa during the day.

How's that for a view?? Beautiful and Peaceful. 

Oh, and speaking of peaceful, check this out!!!!!
They have a Labyrinth in the woods!!!

The beginning

At the end where I found

So I will end this blog post with photos of the grounds and all the sweet creatures we came upon.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you find yourself in Port Orford Oregon, be sure to check out WildSpring Guest Habitat. You won't be disappointed.

Take Care friends and enjoy the Earth, a gift from God!!!


Saturday, November 11, 2017

November in Oregon

This is our backyard!! It is such a beautiful time of year here. The leaves are changing and falling, the weather is still mild, a bit rainy. But so gorgeous!!!

This is my Beauty Berry Bush. The birds love it and I love this intense purple color of the berries. So awesome. You can read up more here about Callicarpa/Beauty Berry Bush

Take care and enjoy the earth!!! Our gift from you know who!!! Martha