Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Making Plum Wine, Beer, and Grape Wine

 YEP!!! I decided to harvest the remaining plums-20 pounds and try to make some wine out of them!!

 There was a lot of cutting up to be done-then I put all the fruit into a mesh bag. This is one of those laundry bags, worked perfect!!!
 And below is my primary fermenter. We bought this to make beer, but works perfect for my wine!!!

Siphoning the must into the secondary after a
week in the primary!!
Isn't this a gorgeous color??!! Notice I have more containers
of wine? That is for topping off the large one when I transfer
the wine to the next carboy. You lose some of the wine as
you leave the sediment. This way I will have the same
wine to top it off with.
So then we decided to make beer! That's
what is in the primary. It will be a pale ale.
So my grapes are ready to harvest. They were small in size this year, so there's
not quite enough to make to separate batches, so I combined them. I steam the
juice out, no foot stompin here!!!
So far I have 2 gallons of juice. I will finish tonight with hopefully a gallon
and a half. The rest will be water that I use to dissolve the sugar in.
I'll let you know how it all turns out!! It sure is fun!!! Now back to quilting!!! :^)

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