Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Halloween Rock Painting

 I had a lot of fun painting rocks this weekend!! Candy Korn, Pumpkins, a skeleton ghost and a spider

 I use these paint pens a lot and then seal the rocks with the Mod Podge below. I prefer the matte finish but sometimes the gloss is just right.

 While I was sealing the rocks the little grand-daughter decided to paint her teeth!!! Luckily the markers she was using was washable. Lucky for her she is cute.
And the pumpkins. Love them a lot. They remind me of the Kool-Aid characters like goofy grape.
Now to get them all sealed and placed out in the public for others to find. Or I may give them away.

I'm also working on some sunflowers. Five to be exact. They have more painting to be done and then each will have either a lady bug or bumble bee glued on.
 I did these a couple weeks ago. The bee rocks were given away and I still have the other two. Below are the new rocks, not quite done along with my ghost skull rock.
Rock painting is turning out to be a fun new hobby for me. Try it out if you're bored!!! Enjoy, Martha

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